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Terms & Conditions

Feathers Vehicle Rental Terms & Conditions 2009 Business Users


Rental Service Operating Hours

The standard corporate services operating hours are as follows;

08:30 – 17:30 Monday to Friday

08:30 – 12:30 Saturdays.

Closed Bank Holidays

Corporate Rates


Rental rates as displayed do not include VAT, Damage Liability Waiver, or any additional charges, which are listed separately.  The displayed rate is for a period of 24 hours.  For your convenience we operate a 1 hour grace period before we charge an additional day.

Road Fund Tax


A charge of £1.05 per day will be applied for the first 21 days rental in every 28 day period.  This is a government levy which incorporates increases Road Fund License, Registration Fee and Statutory Off road Notification.

Vehicle Availability


All requests are by vehicle group and not model or engine size.  Where a particular vehicle model, or engine size, or fuel type, is requested we will do our utmost to provide it, however, we cannot guarantee.  Vehicle B - D Groups are guaranteed within 2 working hours notice.  All other vehicles groups are guaranteed with over 4 working hours notice.

Company Own Insurance (COI)


If you elect to utilise your company’s own insurance then we require a copy of your Certificate of Motor Insurance on opening an account.  Adequate fully comprehensive insurance cover must be in place from the commencement of the hire period until 6 working hours after the agreed termination period unless the hire vehicle is collected within this time.

4th EU Motor Directive
Under the new 4th EU Motor Insurance Directive it is the customers responsibility to inform their insurance company when one of Feathers Vehicle Rental’s has been hired on COI.

Vehicle Refurbishment & Damage

Feathers Vehicle Rental will not accept responsibility for loss and/or damage caused whilst the vehicle is rented to an uninsured customer and the customer will indemnify Feathers Vehicle Rental for any loss, damage or liability incurred as a result of this.  Feathers Vehicle Rental will not deal direct with any insurance companies or accident management companies as encompassed in the indemnity agreement.

If Feathers Vehicle Rental are asked to deliver a vehicle to a company address and the driver is unavailable to sign for the vehicle, a company representative must sign on their behalf and check the hire vehicle for damage before commencement of hire other wise this will constitute an unattended delivery.

Feathers Vehicle Rental will notify the customer that damage has occurred to the vehicle and will confirm full details as soon as we have received these

Full documentation to support the claim will be provided.  The customer must confirm method of payment or dispute the claim within 2 working days.  A damage administration charge may be applicable for all claims handled over £200.

Please note that the absence of a driver signature on a rental agreement as a result of an unattended delivery cannot be used as a reason to dispute insurance cover, and/or rental agreement terms and conditions.  All terms and conditions on the rental agreement still apply.

Loss of Use

Should a Feathers Vehicle Rental vehicle be damaged whilst on hire to your company, a replacement vehicle will be supplied if necessary. Feathers Vehicle Rental will arrange repair of the damaged vehicle and will charge 75% of the standard rate applicable for that vehicle until the repairs are completed, for the full time the vehicle is off the road.  In instances in which the vehicle is stolen and not recovered or written off by the assessors then an admin fee of £15.00 for the handling of the V5 documentation will be incurred.


All vehicles are supplied to a very high standard and are valeted both inside and out.  For any vehicle whose interior is returned in a sub-standard condition we can agree a standard valet charge of £35.00.  This will include any vehicles in which the non smoking policy has been breached.

Unattended Deliveries

Feathers Vehicle Rental does not recommend that customers request unattended deliveries.  Where we are required to leave a vehicle unattended, a delivery and collection envelope will be left advising the driver to check the vehicle condition and ensure any damage on the vehicle is the same as that noted on the vehicle condition report.

The driver must inspect the vehicle and advise immediately if they discover any damage on the vehicle that is not noted on the vehicle condition report.  A 24 hour telephone number is provided on the top of the rental agreement. This must be carried out within 2 working hours of the requested delivery time. 

If Feathers Vehicle Rental receives no notification of additional damage within this time, the driver, on behalf of the customer, will be deemed to have accepted the vehicle in the condition noted on the vehicle condition report, and will be liable for any subsequent damaged incurred.

24hour Breakdown cover

Feathers Vehicle Rental provides full AA or RAC breakdown cover for all vehicles for the duration of the hire.  This is available free of charge 24 hours a day.  Contact details can be found inside each Vehicle.  Should you vehicle be off the road the assistance recovery service will arrange a replacement vehicle. A surcharge may apply for instances that are considered to be a driver fault.


Feathers Vehicle Rental Insurance

Those companies opting to utilise Feathers Vehicle Rental  insurance are required to produce a driving license (both parts) for each driver at the commencement of hire, certain restrictions apply and will determine whether or not we can rent. Charges for Damage Liability Waiver are £See Rates Sheet. per day for cars and £See Rates Sheet per day for vans, plus VAT.  An excess deposit will need to be secured at the time of booking.  This can be charged to the account in the event of an incident on completion of an excess insurance indemnity form.

Young Driver Surcharge

For any driver under the age of 25 years utilising our insurance there is an additional charge of £5.00 per day.  Drivers under the age of 21 are not covered on Feathers Vehicle Rental Insurance.

Additional Drivers

For companies utilising Feathers Vehicle Rental insurance there is a surcharge of £5.00 per day for each additional driver.


For those accounts utilizing Feathers Vehicle Rental insurance there is an excess of £500.00 for cars and £750.00 for commercials.  In the event of damage to the hire vehicle the excess will be charged direct to the driver, if the customer has not completed the excess indemnity form.  Please note excess charges may vary if the vehicle has come from one of our subcontracting partners.


All vehicles will be delivered with a full tank of fuel.  If the vehicle is delivered to the customer, the customer is liable for the cost of the fuel from the time it leaves Feathers Vehicle Rental.  The vehicle will be refuelled upon return to Feathers Vehicle Rental and the customer accepts responsibility for the cost of such refuelling at the prevailing rate of 10% above current Pump price.  A deposit of £50.00 for cars, £75.00 commercials will be taken at the commencement of hire for those accounts not wishing to have fuel charges added to their account upon termination.

Delivery & Collection

When requested, vehicles will be delivered and collected to the customer-specified address during standard office hours.  We make no distinction for business or home address deliveries and collections.  A standard fee of £10 is applicable for all deliveries and collections required after a 10 mile free radius has been applied from Feathers Vehicle Rental.

Supplementary Delivery & Collection

These may apply when a direct route involves an additional charge such as a ferry crossing, bridge or toll charge.  This is not always possible to confirm before the hire commences.

Out of Hours

Any vehicles that request delivery/collection outside of our office hours 08:30 – 17:30 Monday to Friday excluding Bank Holidays and 08:30 – 12:30 Saturdays will attract an out of hour’s charge of £10.00.  This surcharge will only apply once regardless of whether the specified delivery and collection times are both out of hours.

Off – hiring of Vehicle, APU/TBA

Feathers Vehicle Rental is open 08:30 to 17:30 Monday to Friday and 08:30 to 12:30 Saturday excluding Bank Holidays when reservations, extensions and terminations can be accepted.  Reservations that are due to extend or terminate on weekends or Bank Holidays should be notified within office hours.

Those vehicles that are booked for an ‘Automatic Pick Up’ (APU) will terminate as agreed, and the vehicle will be collected without further instruction.  Bookings placed on a ‘To Be Advised’ (TBA) basis will require further confirmation from the customer that they have finished with the vehicle.  Feathers Vehicle Rental will make every effort to contact the customer but the vehicle will remain on hire until the customer advises.

One Way Hires

This service can be provided and Feathers Vehicle Rental will subcontract vehicles on your behalf.  A standard surcharge of £15.00 will apply.  One-way hires must be pre-arranged and full delivery and collection details given at time of booking. Non pre-arranged one-way hires will result in collection charges based on £1.00 per mile from the delivery/ collection address.  One way commercial vehicles are confirmed on a request only basis.

Foreign Hire

If the hire vehicle needs to be taken abroad then a surcharge of 50% on top of the daily rental rate will apply.  A pre-negotiated rate can also be arranged depending upon which countries the customer will be visiting and length of travel.  Permission must be given by the supplying office prior to travel and Feathers Vehicle Rental must be informed.  The rental department will arrange a VE103B form at a cost of £10.00 which is a statutory requirement for foreign travel.

Failure for a customer to notify of a foreign hire could result in the vehicle being impounded and all associated costs onward charged to the customer with a £50.00 administration fee.

Aborted Collection Fees

On occasion you may have to cancel the requested delivery/collection of a vehicle.  If the cancellation is made within two working hours of the required delivery/collection time a cancellation charge of £15.00 will be made.  Should a vehicle not be available at the agreed collection time then an abortive fee of £15.00 will be levied along with any associated collection charges. The vehicle will also remain on hire until it is made available for collection.

Credit Terms & Payment

All vehicles will be invoiced to your company via our Finance Department.  Terms are strictly thirty days from receipt of invoice unless formerly agreed in writing to the contrary. In the event of non payment your account is at risk of being placed on hold with immediate effect and the recovery of hire vehicles currently out on hire to your company will be arranged.  Any associated costs of the retrieval of vehicles will also be onward charged along with our standard administration fee.  Invoice queries must be raised within 14 days from date of invoice, if no query is raised within this time this will constitute acceptance of charges.

P11D Values

Feathers Vehicle Rental will provide the customer with the vehicle make, model, registration number, delivery cost (excluding options) and year of registration.  It is the responsibility of the customer to ascertain the value of the vehicle for P11D purposes.

Penalty Notices

Parking tickets, clamping fees and other traffic offences are the responsibility of the customer and should be settled.  If we are called upon to administer these fines we will invoice your company a charge of £15.00 per parking and speeding fine.  Any parking tickets, clamping fees or other traffic offences that occur within 6 working hours after the termination of hire will be the responsibility of the customer unless the hire vehicle has been collected within this time. Fines which can only be paid by the registered owner of the vehicle such as Bus Lane

fines and congestion charges will be settled and added to your invoice with an administration fee of £15.00.

Mileage Allowances

All vehicles will be unlimited mileage as we assume normal daily mileages.  Where daily mileages exceed the average then we reserve the right to charge excess mileage. For 28-day + rentals, the mileage allowance is 2,000 per 28-day period, 10 pence per mile thereafter.

Airport Surcharge

An airport surcharge of 18% of the value of the hire will apply for those bookings in which the hire commences at an airport location.  All airport bookings will be subcontracted and other additional charges may apply where certain airport desks are not covered 24hrs.  A meet and greet service is available on a request only basis.

Loss of Keys

It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that keys are available at a predetermined place to allow Feathers Vehicle Rental to collect vehicles efficiently.  If a key has been lost, a replacement fee will be charged as our vehicles are fitted with Hi-tech anti-theft systems and duplicate keys can only be obtained from a central source.  The fee will vary according to the hire vehicle.  The vehicle will remain on hire until such time that a replacement key has been sourced.

London Congestion Charging Policy

Customer Responsibilities

It is the responsibility of the customer to register a charge for the rental vehicle for each day the vehicle moves in the congestion zone. This includes the day of termination in which the vehicle must be covered for 6 working hours.

Congestion Charge payment can be registered using the following methods:

·          On the Internet (WWW.CCLONDON.COM)

·          By telephone (0845 9001234) with a credit card

·          A Network of retail outlets and petrol stations

·          At self service machines

·          Via Text message

The Congestion Charge can either be paid in advance or on the day of travel before, during or after the journey or by midnight the following charging day. The charge is £8 if you pay by midnight on the day of travel or £10 if you pay by midnight the following charging day (you can pay the following charging day via the call centre and website only).

Failure to register a congestion charge will lead to a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) of £100 which is reduced to £50 (the discounted amount) for prompt payment as Peugeot Car & van Rental will pay the PCN before the end of the 14 day period in order to stop the charge from escalating. 

An administration charge of £25.00 will be added to the invoice for any congestion charges handled by Feathers Vehicle Rental

Rentals using Feathers Vehicle Rental delivery & collection Service.

1.      Pre Delivered Vehicles: Where a delivery is requested within the charge zone Feathers Vehicle Rental Reserves the right to pre-deliver the previous day. In this case Feathers Vehicle Rental will register a charge for the day of delivery and this will be added to the rental invoice. The driver/customer will be responsible for registering a charge for the day of rental commencement and each day of rental where the vehicle moves within the zone. A charge must be registered for the day of rental termination irrespective of whether the car has moved within the Zone but where collection from within the zone has been requested.

2.      Same Day Deliveries: Where a delivery is requested within the charge Zone and the vehicle is delivered on the day of rental commencement, Feathers Vehicle Rental will register a Congestion charge for that day and charge to the rental invoice. The customer is responsible for registering a congestion charge for every other day the vehicle moves within the congestion zone. Irrespective of whether the car moves within the Zone on the day of termination, the customer must register a charge for that day.

3.      Where a collection of a vehicle within the Charging zone is requested and the termination is notified after 13:00hrs, Feathers Vehicle Rental may be unable to collect the vehicle until the next working day. In this case Feathers Vehicle Rental will register a charge for the day of collection, which will be added to the rental invoice. (Remember – the driver must register a charge for the day of rental termination except when this is a Saturday or Sunday).

4.      Where a collection is requested after 12.30pm on a Saturday, Feathers Vehicle Rental may not be able to collect the vehicle until the following Monday, in this case Feathers Vehicle Rental will register a charge for the day of collection which will be added to the rental invoice.

5.      Normal practice in <city><place>London is to use a second vehicle for our deliveries and collections (known as a runner). If this is the case, then the congestion charge on this vehicle may also be invoiced to the customer.


Force Majeure

Feathers Vehicle Rental will not be liable to the customer for failure to provide vehicle’s due to events outside Feathers Vehicle Rental control. Feathers Vehicle Rental reserves the right in such circumstances to substitute comparable vehicles if necessary. Feathers Vehicle Rental will use all reasonable endeavors to limit the effects of such circumstances and will resume normal performance of its obligations here under as soon as possible.

Scope of the Agreement

Feathers Vehicle Rental requires that these terms and conditions are signed before any hires takes place.  In the event of any hire being transacted prior to the signing of this agreement, all the terms of this agreement shall apply.

Variations to the Agreement

All the terms and conditions outlined in this document will apply at all times unless otherwise agreed in writing by Feathers Vehicle Rental. Feathers Vehicle Rental reserve the right to amend the procedures and/or charges set out in this agreement from time to time.  Such changes will be notified to the customer in writing.

I acknowledge receipt and have read all 4 pages, I agree to the above terms and conditions

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